The Apple of my Eye

My only memory of Vienna, from forty years ago, is of a pastry. Not the palaces or cathedrals or museums – just an apple turnover.

I vividly remember all three of us standing in the street gazing at a window display of pastries, and in particular that apple turnover. It looked so fresh, the pastry light and crisp, and, back then, it would have been filled with freshly stewed apples.

I could almost taste it, but I didn’t that day.

Pastries were out of the budget because the deal was that we would travel until we ran out of money. It was essentials only, and we had to stick to that.

You can see these bad boys are pretty exe today but, nevertheless, I did indulge in a Himbeer Harmonie (raspberry harmony) which was every bit as delicious as it looks. A box shape with sides of paper thin dark chocolate that contained a chocolate and raspberry mousse.

These pastries were atΒ  Cafe Central, a classic Viennese cafe established in 1876 and once frequented by Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud among others.

A wonderful taste of Vienna, worth the forty year wait.


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